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April 29, 2010

Healthy Smoothies

Making smoothies can be fast and fun. Easy smoothies are made with your favorite fruits, vegetables, add liquids and blend. Experimenting around with flavor combinations is the fun part. Here are more suggestions to help you enjoy your healthy smoothies.

On the go?
You can enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie instead of grabbing something unhealthy or worse skipping meals.  Make your smoothies ahead of time and freeze in individual containers. Be sure to allow headspace for expansion. Thaw out in the refrigerator overnight or while you’re getting ready for work.

Blending tips
Add liquids first, then fruits. This helps prevent gumming up at the bottom.  Try using a stick blender. You can blend straight in the drinking container providing it is large and tall enough; saves on clean up time.

Freeze your own fruits
Buy fruits in season, cut up into chunks and freeze. If you put the fruit pieces in one layer they won’t stick together. I like to do mine this way – in a heavy freezer bag (one layer) then add more layers on top of that with different fruits. Then all goes in a flat container.  When they are frozen you can remove the container.
Using frozen fruit chunks make blending easier, thicker and colder.
Be sure to use these frozen fruits within a moth. They tend to lose flavor with time.

Flavored ice cubes
Freeze juice, herbal tea, fruit nectar in ice trays it makes it more fun and helps keep your smoothie colder in the summer time.

For maximum health benefits

  • Use the freshest ingredients
  • Drink you smoothie right after blending
  • Add more protein with peanut butter, tofu, protein powder
  • To make low cal smoothies use low fat or fat free liquids, yogurt.  Use natural sweetness from fruits rather than sugar. Experiment with different artificial sweeteners. Some has a bitter after taste.

Alternate making fruit smoothies and vegetable ones to give variety.   Some people think making your own smoothie is a lot of trouble and they give up after a while. By doing a few things ahead you can enjoy the health benefits plus money saving from homemade smoothies.

Sample recipes:  Healthy Smoothie Recipes

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