Is Green Tea Good For You?

March 30, 2010

Health Benefits of Tea

According to many articles journals, news broadcasts there are many potential health benefits of green tea.  Healthful effect from green tea nutrition may include:

  • Anti-cancer properties – antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)
  • Increases metabolic rate – by increase energy expenditure
  • Possible anti-diabetes effect – improves insulin sensitivity
  • Boosts mental alertness – increase brain wave activities
  • Boosts immune system – boosting the disease-fighting capacity
  • Lowers chances of cognitive impairment – protect your brain cells
  • Effects on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) – reduce intestinal inflammation
  • Effects on bad breath – inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Effects associated with caffeine – A cup of green tea contains between 15 and 50 mg of caffeine
  • Cardiovascular health – improve cardiovascular health profile

At the end of many research articles there usually a statement like “more research is needed” for conclusive findings.

Here is my view: Under normal circumstances you need ~ 2,000 cc (8 cups, 64oz) of fluid anyway. Drinking green tea is a good alternative to just plain water, high sugar, calories juices, or prepared drink products. You may gain those additional health benefits as well as meeting your hydration need for each day!

We are talking about plain green tea or maybe with lemon and, or a bit of pure honey not the bottled green tea with added sugar. Many “health drink” have the claim to be healthy because it contains green tea as an ingredient. If you read the ingredient label you may see sugar added, artificial color and or flavoring added as well as preservatives.

If you want the potential health benefits, drink the tea straight from the original source.  One to four cups of green tea a day were used in most of these research studies for their health effects. Drinking white tea and black tea also studied for their many potential health benefits of tea.  Loose tea leaves are preferred but there many tea bag varieties. Future post will be on the proper ways to select and prepare green tea to maximize flavor and potential health benefits.

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Ldavis February 18, 2014 at 12:37 pm

These tips are good to know. I am learning a lot of stuff that I tried to look up in the past and all the information is different so I gave up on it.


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