Potassium Sources for High Potassium Diet

April 19, 2010

High Potassium Sources

Previous post was on many benefits of potassium for good health. Most healthy diets with low intake of sodium rich processed foods would not be potassium deficient. You can have a low blood potassium level due to side effect from medications, potassium loss through intense exercise and sweat, vomiting, diarrhea, or GI tract dysfunction. Try a high potassium diet with foods before discussing potassium supplements with your doctor.  It’s easy to do and delicious.

High Potassium Sources

Vegetables – use free or low sodium seasonings

  • Baked Potato (with skin)    690mg
  • Beets 1 cup (cooked)    520mg
  • Lima Beans ½ cup (cooked)    490mg
  • Kidney beans ½ cup cooked      356 mg
  • Soybeans ½ cup (cooked)     490mg
  • Spinach ½ cup (cooked)    420mg
  • Sweet Potato, baked     694 mg
  • Tomato puree, ½ cup     549 mg
  • Tomato canned sauce     909 mg
  • White beans, canned, ½ cup    595 mg
  • Winter Squash 1 cup (cooked)    458mg


  • Apricots ¼ cup (dried)    378mg
  • Banana 1 ( medium)     425mg
  • Cantaloupe 1 cup     594 mg
  • Honeydew melon        461 mg
  • Peaches, dried, ¼ cup    398 mg
  • Prunes, stewed, ½ cup    398 mg
  • Raisin ½ dup    545 mg

Dairy Products – choose low fat

  • Milk, non-fat, 1 cup    382 mg
  • Yogurt 1 cup (non-fat plain)   568mg

Meat – choose lean

  • Clams, canned, 3 oz    534 mg
  • Cod 4oz (cooked)    540mg
  • Halibut, cooked, 3 oz     490 mg
  • Rockfish, Pacific, 3 oz     442 mg
  • Tuna, yellowfin,  3 oz    484 mg

Juices – choose low sodium juices

  • Carrot juice, ¾ cup    517 mg
  • Coconut Water 11oz    680mg
  • Prune juice, ¾ cup   530 mg
  • Vegetable Juice 1 cup   740mg
  • Blackstrap molasses, 1 Tbsp    498 mg
  • Almonds 2 oz (56g)    412 mg
  • Brazil nuts 2 oz    340 mg

Blackstrap molasses, 1 Tbsp   498 mg
Almonds 2 oz (56g)     412 mg
Brazil nuts 2 oz     340 mg

Print list    High Potassium Foods

Recommended Dietary Intakes for Potassium

Potassium source from foods is best. Some individuals cannot eat enough to provide adequate supply or do not tolerate high potassium foods. If you opt for taking potassium supplements, you must talk to your doctor first.  He will prescribe the correct potassium level you need depending on your lab values and other medical issues you may have. Be sure to alert your doctor if you experience any signs or symptoms of side effects. A visit with your local dietitian can help you with meal planning.

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