Nutrition for Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection

May 9, 2010

antioxidant rich foods

My previous post was on home remedy for urinary tract infection (UTI). This post will cover foods to help prevent UTI.  As we know that eating a variety of foods to ensure our body get the necessary nutrients for maintenance and repair. There are certain foods we can eat more of to give further protection from some illness. The following dietary suggestions can help in prevention of UTI or reduce discomfort symptoms.

  • Drinking 100% unsweetened cranberry juice regularly can help lower the risk of UTI.  Eating cranberries, blueberries and drinking their juices provide beneficial substances that inhibit the bacteria from sticking to bladder cell wall.
  • Eat more antioxidant rich foods such as all types of berries, apples, cherries, plums, bell peppers, tomatoes, and squash. These foods give us protection against a host of other potential illnesses as well.
  • Prevent constipation by eating high fiber foods, such as cooked dried beans of all types, oats and oat bran, root vegetables – potatoes, yams, and psyllium seed. There are many over the counter fiber supplements available but getting fiber from foods includes beneficial nutrients.  Start slowly if you not in the habit of eating a high fiber diet.  Be sure to get plenty fluids along with your fiber.
  • Drink a lot of fluids, such as water, herbal teas and unsweetened cranberry juice to stay well hydrated.  Avoid sweetened drinks, sugar feed bacteria and decrease your immune system.
  • If you have food allergies, try to avoid or limit your exposure to these foods including processed foods with a lot of preservatives and additives. Eat less refined foods and more whole foods.
  • Include a probiotic supplement which contains Lactobacillus acidophilus daily has been shown to help. A healthy gastrointestinal tract can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients necessary for a healthy immune system. Eating plain yogurt can help to prevent development of  yeast infection if you are taking antibiotics for UTI.

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