Foods for Urinary Track Infection Home Remedy

May 8, 2010

It’s 10 pm and you are having those dreaded symptoms of lower back pain, frequent and/or painful urination and perhaps a low grade fever.  Most women suffer from urinary track Infection (UT) at some point in their lives. Some women suffer from many reoccurrences of UTI.
Try these remedies until you can get to your doctor for
examination, lab testing and/ or antibiotics treatment.
These are my own home remedies for common UTI.

First and most important step is to flush with plenty of fluids.

  • Water and 100% cranberry juice are best. If you don’t have no sugar added plain yogurt, and 100% cranberry juice, send a family member out for them. Start eating and drinking right away.

    Cranberry Extracts

  • UTI cranberry juice connection – Cranberry juice has beneficial substances that can help to prevent bacteria from sticking to the wall of urinary tract.  You don’t want the added sugar because Sugar can be a food source for the bacteria and suppress your immune system.  Cranberry juice is best but if you cannot tolerate cranberry juice there are cranberry extracts you can get at the local pharmacy or a 24 hour Wal-Mart.  Cranberry extract alone or with addition of probiotics are available. You still need to flush your system with lots of water in addition to taking the extracts.
  • Urinary infection probiotics – Fermented milk products such as yogurt has Lactobacillus acidophilus can replace the bad bacteria in your intestinal tract. Probiotics can also create unfavorable environment for harmful microorganisms to survive.

Secondly is to boost your fighting chance with antioxidant Vitamin C. You can eat plenty of vitamin C rich foods such as citrus fruits, and leafy greens. You probably won’t feel much like eating at the moment. You can take 1000 mg of Vitamin C right away.  You will have a lot of urine output with all the water you are drinking. Vitamin C is water soluble and does not store in your body.  However, if you go over 2,000 mg/day can lead to stomach upset and diarrhea. Discuss any long term supplementation with your doctor.

My UTI home remedy – Flushing with plenty of water and/or 100% cranberry juice, boosting my system with probiotics and vitamin C usually will decrease discomfort and lead to my recovery within 2-6 hours. You may experience different results. Do consult with your doctor with your problem persist the next day and/or you have UTI recurrence often. The underlying causes for your UTI or other possible medical issues need to be addressed and treated.

This OTC product can give temporary relief of urinary pain, burning, urgency. This does make your urine very orange so watch your white clothing.

My next post will be on foods to eat for UTI prevention.

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Edna Maples June 29, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Bacteria in your urinary tract can be painful if not treated. Cranberry juice does work wonders. I didn’t realize vitamin C helped as well.


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