Basic Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

May 5, 2010

Healthy Grocery Shopping

Have you heard of the saying “Don’t shop when you are hungry”? That is because everything looks good when you are hungry. We are very tempted to buy more prepared junk foods such as items on the marked down bakery isle. Having a grocery list will help you keep focus on the healthy foods especially when you are tired and hungry.

Make your own list with the suggestions given. Fill in the blanks with foods that you and your family like and the preferred brands. Having an updated list you can give copies to anyone else who can help you shop.  I give a copy to my spouse and sons, including which isle in the store they can find the item. That makes my life much easier.

It has been said to shop the perimeter of the store for healthy products such as less processed foods. That is true but I always start with non refrigerated items like dry cereals, baking supplies, bottled juices, then fresh produce, dairy products, meat and frozen items. If you use coupons, organize them accordingly to take advantage of the saving but don’t buy a product just because you have a coupon for it.

Everybody knows that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to get your vitamins and minerals. But know thy self – if buying and preparing fresh fruits, and cooking vegetables is not your style, then don’t buy them. You will only feel guilty if you buy a bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables with good intentions of eating healthy and throwing them away at the end. You would be better off to buy prepared fruits, vegetables by the weight (such as at a salad bar or boxed goods in the refrigerated section) when you are ready to eat them.

Make sure you check the expiration dates on dairy products.  I’m guilty of picky the item at the back of the cooler thinking it’s colder and fresher. Watch for any bad discolorations and off odor when buying meats. Your health and well being is worth more than a few cents in savings. I like to buy fruits that I will eat whole such as apples packaged in a bag especially during the flu and cold season.

If you are just going to pick a few items on your healthy grocery list, use a shopping basket instead of a cart. You are less likely to over buy and can move around the store much faster. I seem to can get in and out of the store much quicker when I hand carry my food items.

Update your grocery list: Basic Healthy Grocery List

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