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April 10, 2010

Serving for One

Change in circumstances such as your youngest child leaving for college, a death of a significant other, or a divorce may lead you to start cooking for one.  There are challenges in adjusting ingredients for single serving dishes. The aim in Cooking healthy for one is lower fat, sodium, and sugar when possible without sacrificing tastes.  Salads are always a good option, but watch the fat loaded dressings. Most recipes are for 2-4 people, you can save money by cooking and freezing meals for later.

Free cooking for one recipes cam be found on the internet, cookbooks from public libraries. If you have access to a freezer cooking your regular recipes and portion out servings for later can save much time, energy and, money. The tendency is to only fix and eat one single item because of the “it’s only for me” mentality. Casseroles are great for that purpose. Buy frozen meats already cut for single servings such as chicken breast, fish.  Do garnish with fresh herbs, slices of tomatoes or other fresh vegetables to make a big difference in presentation, taste and nutrition.

There are healthier options for meals from take out service. Be sure to get a menu from your favorite places, mark the healthier choices, and plan ahead of time. Store their phone numbers in your cell phone. Try not to shop when you are hungry, you may not make healthy choices. When your favorite take out places have specials such as baked or grilled chicken, buy double and freeze.  You can later eat as is or break it up for sandwiches, add to salads or soups.

Sharing meals with others can enhance your eating enjoyment and improve your digestion. I can’t remember the study, but it said people who eat alone either eat too little of overeat.  Split up the chore of cooking a meal with a friend once or twice a week. Join a singles club, no, not just for meeting other men, or women although that can be a good idea. These clubs often have scheduled a bring a dish to share events.  Your church groups for example can be a good place to share a good meal and company. Many times  you can take leftovers home for future meals. Read the paper for fund raiser events that serve meals. It’s for a good cause and you can new friends or meet up with old ones.

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