Top Foods for Brain Nutrition

March 31, 2010

Good Brain Food

I attended a seminar on Dementia and Alzheimer’s and thought I would share what I heard today. A suggestion made by the speaker (a biochemist) in agreement with a Neurologist treating patients with loss of memory and cognitive function.
The main point that surprised me was we need to practice preventative measures against permanent loss to brain function as early as 25-30 years of age! Of course, taking steps to improve your health is never too late at any age.

Healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise, minimize environmental pollutants are important factors. As a dietitian I will focus on food for brain. The following foods can help protect your brain function as well as contribute to your over all heart health.

Berries – blue, and red super foods, naturally high in antioxidants, widely available in fresh/frozen and easy to eat daily. Pick them wild when you can find them.

Cacao Beans – Sorry, not your regular candy bars, choose 75% – 85% cacao content in dark chocolates, or make your own chocolate drink with 100% organic cocoa powder

Coffee – organic and fresh brewed coffee in moderation can enhance short-term memory performance and many even to retard the aging process. Watch that creamer and other artificial additions.

Wild salmon
– (from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska) one of the best sources of Essential Fatty Acids (such as the Omega-3) eat twice a week when you can.

Other good brain foods are:

  • Fresh fruits, 100% fruit juices, vegetables the greener the better 100% vegetable juices
  • Lean beef, chicken, pork, game meats
  • High fiber foods – oatmeal, whole grain breads, brown rice, beans, ground flax seeds, wheat germ
  • Use fat sparingly – eat fat from fatty fish, avocado, nuts, seeds.  Canola, extra virgin olive, and walnut oil are very healthy.

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