Lower The Salt (Sodium) in Your Food

March 23, 2010

Quick tip:  When cooking just gradually add less salt amount recipe calls for.  You won’t notice much difference if you do a bit at a time. Start with1/3 less then ½. Of course you will have to use the measuring device like spoons. Try not to just gauge by number salt shake you make. Don’t have the salt shaker at the table or make it hard to get. Most of us are too lazy to make extra effort to go get it.

Enhance flavors with herbs and spices. Good to keep on hand: onion, garlic powder (NOT salt), fresh or dried herbs, red and black pepper, flavored vinegar, citrus juice or peel.

Try using reduced sodium or low sodium products in cooking.

Look for products like:

  • Reduced –sodium broths, vegetable, chicken, beef
  • Low sodium condiments like mustard, ketchup, soy sauce
  • No added salt canned vegetables (does not mean NO sodium)

You can cut out as much as 1/3- or more sodium.

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